Monday, October 13, 2008

Write Based on Your Passion, Not Obligation

by Dominic Tay

As article marketers, there is always a need for us to write fresh content. The trouble is that more than often, we 'run' out of steam. Have it ever happened to you?

Most article writers I know make the mistake of writing articles based on the market needs, not on their personal passion. This is what I term, writing on obligation. The problem with this approach is soon enough, you'll find yourself running out of steam and giving up writing altogether.

Of course with that said, it does not mean you should ignore the needs of the market and write what you want to write. You must also consider writing articles that people wants to read. Know what I mean?

The bottom line is to strike a balance between your passion and 'obligation'.

You see, when you are passionate about your topic, you can talk about it endlessly with your friends. Ideas come easily and quickly and in less than an hour, you'll probably churn out twice more articles than you usually can do in one sitting.

I've never heard of people becoming successful writing books, articles or magazines they do not have an interest in.

When you write an article based on obligation, your readers can tell the difference. You sound incongruent - that you're saying something that contradicts your previous points - you give merely sufficient examples just to stuff up your articles. All these subconscious signs you send out through writing your article by force keeps your readers away.

Research the 'hot' topics in your industry and write on those that interests you the most. The key is to enjoy what you write and write what you enjoy. Only then can you give your best in writing your articles and giving the most value to your readers.

In fact, this is one of my keys to writing articles. Promise yourself never to write another article unless you enjoy writing it. Only then will you last long enough to see the results from your article marketing journey.

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