Monday, October 27, 2008

How to Easily Find Freelance Writing Jobs in a Recession

by Yuwanda Black

Have you ever wondered, "Where are all the freelance writing jobs?" Have you ever sent off questions to successful freelance writers, asking something along the lines of:

"I just can't seem to land any gigs right now. What could I be doing wrong?" Or,

"I've sent out so many queries but I haven't heard anything. Am I doing something wrong?" Or,

"Do you have any advice on what I can do to get some work? I'm just not having any luck."

The list goes on.

Yes, the Economy Sucks! But, It Can Be to Your Advantage

We're probably in a recession right now, no matter what the official definition is. But, this can be to your advantage. One of the best things about being a freelance writer is that it is a career that thrives - no matter what he economy at large is doing.

Why is this? Basically because we live in the age of information. Every day, online searches are conducted. What are people searching for? Information. Luckily as a freelance writer, that's YOU! No matter what is happening in the world, it needs to be written about. So, how can you capitalize on the lean times right now? Following are two tips.

2 Ways to Capitalize on the Recession as a Freelance Writer

1. Change Your Mindset: Many freelance writers till think of themselves as, well, freelance writers. A better way to think of yourself is as an information provider. Why is this important?

Because information is where it all begins. Email campaigns, newsletters, web content, blog postings, social media marketing, etc. It is all information. Information that has to be written by someone - preferably you.

Once you start viewing yourself like this, you unclog that mental blog of a "freelance writer looking for work" to an "information provider that can help businesses compete."

In spite of these economic times, commerce goes on. And, luckily for freelance writers - especially those interested in online writing jobs - many companies are pouring more and more of their ad budgets into online marketing because traditional media is just too expensive. Proof?

A survey of 600 marketing professionals were asked how the current economy is affecting their marketing decisions. They responded in the article, Marketers Plan to Cut Budgets, Increase Online Spend. Their responses were summed up as follows:

"MarketingProfs has observed that online marketing is also turning into a venue where marketers can stretch their dollar while accurately targeting leads and customers. 60% of all marketers surveyed stressed that they would be increasing their online budgets while 85% would be reducing their use of traditional marketing vehicles." [Source: MarketingPilgrim, online at MarketingPilgrim dot com]

This presents a wealth of opportunities for freelance writers in the form of web content, SEO articles, blog posts, email marketing campaigns, etc.

When you change your mindset from freelance writer to mindset, there's one more thing you need to do - capitalize on hot trends.

2. Recognize and Capitalize on Trends: This is easy to do. Simply watch the news and read major newspapers (online or off). What are some hot topics in the news right now that you can think of?

Some right off the top of my head are foreclosures, bank failures, green (as in environmentally friendly) topics, etc. You can capitalize on all of these by offering content to websites, newsletter publishers, magazines and blogs that specialize in these niches.

For more "hot" freelance writing niches, get the 2008-2009 Freelance
Writing Jobs Report . It's an in-depth analysis of all the sectors that present a wealth of freelance writing opportunities - now and for the next couple of years.

It also offers advice on how to recession-proof your freelance writing career, as well as some ideas for creating your own information products to sell.

You don't have to look hard to find freelance writing jobs, you just have to "look smart!"

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