Thursday, October 09, 2008

5 Steps to Write Fast and Make Money Faster

by Angela Booth

Want to make great money writing articles? You can. In this article we'll discuss five steps to increasing your income by writing fast.

Firstly, let's discuss why articles are such money spinners online. Everyone wants articles. Why? That's simple. Article are content and content brings traffic to a Web site. The more traffic, the more sales. So in a nutshell, articles spell money.

You can write articles for others, and you can write them to promote your own services and products too. While successful Web writers love articles and consider them money for jam, many writers flag. They get stuck, because they get lost. They don't have a process.

The following process will help you to write fast.

1. Pick Your Audience

Everything starts with an audience and with what that audience needs. It's easy to discover audiences online: just check any of the keyword tools, and assess the number of searches for a particular keyword.

For example, when I checked the "dog grooming" keyword, I discovered that in August 2008 there were around 250,000 searches. That's a large audience, and one it's well worth writing for.

So I know that writing "dog grooming" articles will be profitable.

2. Plan Your Articles - Who's Looking for What?

Once you've found your starter keyword, your keyword tool will show you what people search for in that topic. In dog grooming, for example, people search for:

* Dog grooming equipment

* Mobile dog grooming

* Dog grooming tips

Each of the above keywords has a good number of searches, and I could write several articles on each keyword.

Just by checking a keyword, not only have I discovered an article topic which will sell, I've also discovered what I need to write about.

3. Outline Your Articles in a Batch

Once I've discovered what to write about, I write five to 10 article titles. Under each title, I make a list of what I want to cover in that article. That's my outline - a simple list.

4. Focus - Close Your Office Door and Use a Timer

I usually outline my articles on one day, and write them on another day. Once I'm ready to write, I close my office door.

Now it's just a matter of writing fast. I'm not concerned about word choice or grammar, I just want to get those articles done in rough draft form. Once they're on the computer screen, I can tinker with them.

5. Revise Your Articles and Check Your Spelling

The next and final step is to revise the articles.

Firstly I revise for information and logic. Are the articles useful? Do they contain good information? If they don't I add information.

Finally, I revise for word choice, spelling and grammar.

The result? Great articles which are profitable, and which were fast and easy to write.

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