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March 1 - 7 is National Ghostwriters Week

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Give Your Book the Ghost of a Chance: March 1-7 is National Ghostwriters Week

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February 28 2006

Almost 50 percent of all books and countless articles in magazines and journals are written by ghostwriters—professionals who create long and short pieces for clients who don’t have the time or the skills to commit their ideas to paper. Though ghostwriters’ names don’t appear on the books and articles they write, they are true Renaissance men and women, whose wide array of clients typically makes them knowledgeable about a great many things, from real estate to pirate lore. In honor of these unsung heroes of the printed word, March 1-7 has been declared National Ghostwriters Week.

Many celebrities and even famous writers use “ghosts” for their books, but many more business professionals than you might imagine do, too. “No matter what your profession, a well-crafted book or article can do amazing things for your career,” says Dawn Josephson, founder and President of Cameo Publications, a company whose editorial services include ghostwriting for business professionals and speakers. “You’ll gain credibility, positioning, and profits, even if you’ve not yet developed the idea beyond the ‘scribbles on a cocktail napkin’ stage.”

Depending on the length of the work to be ghostwritten, ghostwriters interview clients for as little as an hour or as long as two days to determine the work’s target audience and purpose, and to structure an outline of key ideas. In the case of a book, clients receive constant communication with the ghostwriter, who sends chapters for approval as the work progresses. “You receive a completed manuscript in a matter of a few months,” says Gail Westerfield, an editorial specialist at Cameo. “And when you’ve been carrying the seed of a book around inside you for years, as most people have, it’s extraordinary to suddenly have it right in front of you, ready to show the world your great ideas.”

Because ghostwriters complete books in months, not years, and articles in days, not weeks, their clients’ ideas remain timely and relevant to the target audience. What’s more, with writing professionals to guide them through the writing process, clients find they can better organize their thoughts and formulate ideas more quickly. Ghostwriters know the publishing industry’s standards, too, so clients are more likely to receive favorable responses to their work.

Dawn Josephson, the Master Writing Coach™, is a professional speaker and internationally-acclaimed author who has ghostwritten 20 books and over 1,500 articles. She is the creator of The Ground Rules™ book series. Gail Westerfield has an extensive writing and editing background; she has ghosted dozens of articles and is currently at work on two books.

For more information, visit the Cameo Publications website at or contact David Josephson toll-free at 866-372-2636 or by email at

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