Friday, October 31, 2008

5 Simple Keys to Writing Articles That Get Clicked

by Janet B Cole

If you are a newbie to article writing, you will probably find it difficult initially to create articles that get clicked time and time again, but it's not that difficult to learn the techniques required to create articles that others want to read.

Most surfers are looking for an answer to their queries. They type in a keyword or keyword phrase into the browser and hope that the results that come up will answer their important queries. So it is very important that you construct your articles in such a way that readers will want to click and digest the information within your article.

So what I suggest you do in your efforts to create articles that get clicked are the following:

1. Brainstorm an idea for your topic. This step could probably stop you right in your tracks because there's so much that you can talk about, especially related to your particular niche. But what you should do is write a title or a set of titles or write a topic or set of topics about which you can create a 400-word article. If the topic revolves around the query that a lot of surfers have in your particular niche, then that's all the better. To give you some breathing space, think of the one question that people in your particular niche ask the most, and that is a topic you should write about in your article.

2. Draft a compelling title. You do not have to draft a title that you will use now, just draft a title that will conjure up the content of your article. If you could use some numerical information, all the better, such as "The Best 3 Ways to..." or "The top Three ways to.."

Those type of titles are magical and work wonders. But don't forget when you begin to write your article, the content of your article must be reflected in the title.

3. The content. If you have indeed used the numerical example given above, then begin to write the keys now. For instance, the top three ways, write down the three ways to achieve your particular objectives. Content written in list form or bulleted point form is very popular. Make a list of the items you wish to discuss in your article. Now, don't get carried away. This is a short article, and you need to be aware of the word count.

4. After you've completed the content of your article, you need to write an introduction and a closing paragraph. The introduction need not be more than two or three sentences, and this can just introduce the reader to what you intend to write about. And similarly, the conclusion, again, can be one or two sentences, and all that need do is to summarize what you have just said in the main content of the article.

5. Now, what you need to do is take a break. Put aside your article for at least a couple of hours without reading or going over. After your break, come back and read your article with fresh eyes. This is the time to also edit and improve your article if necessary.

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Janet B Cole is a powerful coach and online mentor. She has over 400 articles in print and has published several ebooks.

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