Friday, October 03, 2008

3 Greats Tips to Put Personality Into Your Writing

By Steven Wagenheim

Why does every article I read have to be so darn bland and boring? If I want plain regurgitated facts, I'll go turn on the evening news and be bored to death. Look, just because you're writing an article on some terrible disease doesn't mean it has to be as dry as a 10 day old turkey sandwich. Well, if you're struggling with putting some personality into your article writing, these tips should help you greatly. Please make a note of them so I don't have to read anymore bland and boring articles.

Tip number 1. Tell a story. Hey look, I don't care what you're writing about. If it's something that you're familiar with, you MUST have some kind of story to relate to it. For example, maybe you're writing about breast cancer. Well, certainly you must have known somebody in your life who has had breast cancer. Maybe you went to a breast cancer rally or walk. We don't live in bubbles. Everything we write about, if we're writing about something close to us, has a story connected to it in some way. All you have to do is find it and relay it.

Tip number 2. Associate a related fact or opinion. Look. everything you write about has some opinion tied to it. Some of the opinions are pretty close to fact, though some might argue that. Fine, but everybody has opinions. Certainly you have yours. Okay, let's take that same topic of breast cancer. Maybe you've just written about how often they say to have an examination. Certainly you must have an opinion on that, either for or against. Express it. People want to know what YOU think. They can read facts anywhere. Give them something more.

Tip number 3. Think of a more interesting way to say something. We get lazy when we write. We use the same words over and over again. We sometimes even bore ourselves. Well, why not get out a thesaurus and look up some substitutions? It's never too late to expand your vocabulary. The more words you learn, the more colorful your writing becomes. That's why a first grader is never going to write like Hemingway. He just doesn't have the vocabulary yet.

Put these three tips into practice and you'll be putting more personality into YOUR writing.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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