Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Managing Projects and Issuing Invoices

Freelance writing requires commitment, discipline and a lot of hard work. To work more productively, writers can rely on a platform for efficient Freelance Project Management. It helps save time, energy, resources and most of all -- money! This platform is perfect for those who often work on collaborative projects and need input from several team workers.

Last October, I finally set up shop and decided to go full-time on freelance Web writing. I signed up for several revenue stream sites for writers and renewed contracts with a few publishers. I didn't have exact financial goals, but I knew I wanted to earn a decent amount of money from the Web. So I toiled and pecked on my keyboard for hours, writing short how-to articles and publishing them on several sites.

Finally, the money started to roll in sometime November. I realized that freelancers are like dentists - the more you drill (or fill), the more you bill. I have learned to manage my time well and push myself to write more every week.  Hopefully in the future I'll be able to collaborative projects that pay more.  Recently I discovered a system that can help writers with Freelance Project Management.  It's a handy platform that saves freelance writers a lot of time, energy and money. I could've used Mavenlink at the time I was working on a collaborative project for a software company.

Mavenlink is focused on helping businesses, freelancers and clients work together more efficiently on a project.  It makes the project process run smoothly by enabling everyone involved to collaborate using just one platform.  Mavenlink offers a lot of benefits for both clients and freelancers, thus its membership fee is definitely worth it and beneficial in the long run. What more, you also get 1% savings per transaction if you are subscribed to Mavenlink. Through this PayPal Discount, you can save $100 for every $10,000 billed.

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