Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 Most Common Mistakes Done by Freelance Article Writers

by Jitesh Arora

Freelance article writers often encounter a lot of mistakes while writing freelanced articles, and most of these mistakes are committed by novice writers. This article covers those concerns to give assistance to novice freelance writers. After reading this you should be able to avoid these mistakes and start looking for a brighter path with your writing career.

Fixing Reasonable Rates:

Estimation of the rate is as important as writing the article, but most fail to negotiate with a fair rate. Many writers settle for low rates thus, affecting the quality of their work. Understand that you must be paid with the proper rate to maintain quality and professionalism with your work. It is compulsory to evaluate the time, work, and money you spent for writing articles.

Grammatical Errors:

Article writing is more than just writing an essay in a school exam. Clients do not tolerate grammatical and spelling errors. They do not want to rewrite articles for which they paid with their hard earned money. In writing, avoid mistakes with your article. And if possible, have it proofread to assure quality.

Inappropriate Marketing:

Marketing is about advertising and attracting clients. A good freelance writer should be updated with all methods of marketing and must apply those according to his writings. In advertising, consider the needs of your clients. Some freelance writers accomplish there task without thinking of the best promotion for their clients. Improving the way you market means leveraging your income.


I am a freelance writer now, no boss is there to control me; I will write article later, let me party first. This has become the attitude of novice freelance writers; neglecting the value of discipline. Freelance writers are self-employed, but that does not entitle them to be irresponsible. Responsible writers enjoy their career by earning referrals and bonuses.

Inability of Negotiation:

New freelance writers are bound to say “YES” to every client’s enquiry. While starting a freelance writing career, it is sometimes beneficial to be flexible with your client. When a client pays you well, provide him with high quality articles but do not allow him to dictate your working hours. You have other things to do with your time aside from writing his articles. Learn to say NO instead of being over committed.

Unorganized Environment:

Keeping records of your writings, client details and payments are sometimes omitted by most novice writers. Recorded details can be used to show your experience and be added to your portfolio. It can also be used to stay in contact with old clients for another business opportunity or referrals.

Skeptic in Investing For Promotion:

Although freelance job requires no investment, it is necessary to allocate a little cash for business cards and other web promotions. It is also necessary to invest for reliable equipment such as a good computer system to help keep track of your output and perform more tasks.


Writers find themselves trapped in researching more about a topic than what is required. They tend to forget about the time and the value of task. It is recommended that you should not write beyond what is asked. You may research more about the topic after accomplishing the task.

Addressing the Articles:

Before submitting an article, it is recommended that a writer must be able to address it to the right audience. If you are writing articles about “Dieting and Exercise”, then your target audience should be those who are into dieting and fitness category.


Every client will look for unique and original articles. Plagiarism is a mortal sin in the world of writing. Formulate your own ideas by doing extensive research and replete yourself with the knowledge needed to write about the topic.

Do not be discouraged with these mistakes. Remember, perseverance in learning from your mistakes is the key to your success in writing. Everyone can make mistakes, but if it can be avoided then avoid it.

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