Thursday, February 18, 2010

Writing for Triond

I used to play doubts on online publishing companies that promise a steady flow of revenue stream. For me, they're like fake agents that sell peanuts for a huge price. But then, as I found myself needing a bit more money to augment my meager income, I took the plunge and signed up for Triond. This was 2 years ago. In the beginning, I was the hesitant writer who published articles little by little. I was testing the waters and needed to know if it was all worth it. After a few months of getting just a few cents, I stopped publishing and looked for other means of earning residual income.

Late last year, I came across actual testimonials from freelance writers who have been on Triond for some time. Apparently, it is possible to earn decent money through Triond as long as you know a few tricks (more on this later!). So, I was inspired to write and publish again. My simple goal then was to earn at least $1 each month. And to reach that goal, I promised to deliver at least 3 articles every week. I did that for almost 2 months and got my wish! Now, with 20+ articles published on different websites, I make at least a dollar a month at Triond. Not bad!

If you wish to try earning residual income through writing, I suggest you begin with Triond. It is by far one of the most credible publishing companies that offer writer-friendly services and pay on time.

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