Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Designing the Work Area

I have recently gone back to freelance writing and have set up a small work area at home. All I have is a computer table and a laptop. I don't have what others call a "home office," although I'm looking forward to having one in the future. I imagine a room with office furniture like a writing desk, metal filing cabinets and wooden bookcases.

Metal filing cabinets seem to be the practical choice for paper storage, because where I live termites readily attack anything that's made of pulp or wood
. A metal filing cabinet is definitely something they cannot sink their teeth into!

These steel executive filing cabinets (see picture) also have tough scratch resistant paintwork and come in different colors.

As for my books, upright wooden bookcases would be good enough. I spotted this glazed bookcase which comes with stylish sculptured metal handles. What I really like about it is that it's fitted with height adjusters to cope with uneven floors. What more, all the boards that make up this glazed bookcase come from sustainable resources.

So there, I'm done designing my future home office. Have you done yours?

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