Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Generous Package for Emerging and Established Writers

Thanks to the Internet, it's now relatively easy to have your literary works published, what with all those literary sites (phony or genuine) tangled in the World Wide Web. But if you're looking into poetry and fiction publishing, you might as well work with those who know the tricks of the trade.

Greendoor Publishing is a well established literary site and is highly respected in the industry. It
publishes poetry and fiction from emerging and established writers. Greendoor encourages experimental and innovative writing.

If you're an emerging writer who could use proper guidance from the experts, avail of Greendoor's online editing service.
Greendoor's experienced editors adhere to a positive feedback philosophy to bring out the best in writers. And, once you've anchored yourself into Greendoor Publishing, you will be provided your own page containing your photo, biography and contact information. That's a generous package, if you ask me!

Greendoor also offers a ghost writing service for those working on a special story or biography. Rest assured that the piece will be treated well with Greendoor's disparate group of writers and editors.

Poke around the Greendoor Publishing site (it's easy to navigate and is download friendly) and you'll see a treasure-trove of writers resources, including literary magazines, ezines and blogs.

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