Saturday, February 07, 2009

10 Tips For Proficient Web Content Writing

by Viveck Sharma

Writing article for the web is different from academic writing as readers online seeks for information that focuses on keywords and they give preference to those articles that can be read fast and easily. It is vital that you seize the attention of the reader so that your article engrosses them. Many writers have the capability for penning down masterpieces, but they too at times land in a fiasco because most often they do not know there mistakes which in turn hinders improvement.

There are certain tips that an aspiring web writer in you should keep in mind while writing article for the web.

Be at ease

Choose an effective writing style, which is comfortable for you. This implies that while writing, just be you. This permits you to organize and express your thoughts properly. Thus, writing will come naturally to you.

Pen down

It is quite often that an idea comes to the mind. So, whenever an idea strikes your thought process, immediately write it down. This process will provide you a conduit for enhancing your imagination and thoughts and connecting it with the title of the article.

Read yourself

Reading high-quality articles will help you to develop writing skills because reading will provide you with an opportunity to know the pattern, format and style of article writing. The place o your work should be inspirational and it should be free from all the unnecessary setbacks, obstacles and distractions. Do not over stress yourself and be persistent and patient.

Mentally peaceful

It is better to write articles when your mind is at peace.The place of your work should be inspirational and it should be free from all the unnecessary setbacks, obstacles and distractions. Do not over stress yourself and be persistent and patient.

Meticulous research

Before you begin your article, make it a point to surf through endless websites and articles to get more information on the particular topic you are to write. The reader of your article wants interest, inspiration and information.

Efficient title

The reader of your article cannot open or read your article if the article has a poor title, despite being informative and engaging. The title of an article acts as a catalyst for successful promotion of the article. You should spend a lot of time in thinking about a suitable title for your article and make sure that the title grabs the attention of readers.

Apt subtitles

Subtitles are the synopsis of the written material. Just by looking at the subtitles, the reader will have a general idea about your article. This is useful because at times readers would want to scan the substance of your article to see that the information they want is there or not in your article.

Accuracy, precision and comprehensibility are the key elements

The reader of your article is dependent on the information you give, so, it is essential that the information you provide is factually correct. If you share a story, it should be from your personal experience; this will give authenticity to your work.

The main motive behind writing an article is that it should be able to convey the message to its readers. Therefore, it is advisable for you to use simple words, as your reader can be anybody such as young, professionals, students and adults. If you write for a targeted audience, like literary or scientific reader, then it is better to use words that are at par with them.

You should systematize your thoughts in short and crisp sentences. Try to eliminate unnecessary phrases or words without altering the meaning of your writing. Internet users seek for information and prefer articles that are easy to understand.


Always include keywords in your article and in the title. Avoid unnecessary use of keywords; a balance should there between good writing and keyword density.


Make it a point to verify your article before uploading or submitting it to the sites. Make the necessary correction if you have committed any mistake like spelling, punctuation error or grammatical errors. If the site has a style sheet, make certain that you article is according to the style sheet.

Any article written for the websites should be easy to understand, well organized and concise. Provide the readers with information as competently as possible and follow the aforementioned points while writing an article to succeed as a web writer.

The author is dynamic web content writer and budding SEO. He has got the experience in writing quality content for various websites and getting them optimized too. You can view his website for more information.

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