Monday, June 18, 2007

Learn Basic Geek

If you’re new to Web writing and about to go nuts over the steady stream of new words, phrases and terms, check out these online references and improve your knowledge of Basic Geek:

NetLingo - This is an online reference for Internet terminology. The word definitions are easy to understand and contain links to other terms.

Webopedia - This was my Basic Geek Dictionary when I was a knowledge base technical writer for a software company. The word definitions are short and pretty easy to understand. New terms are featured every now and then.

Pseudodictionary - This is generally a dictionary of slang words, but you might want to poke around this site because it also includes some words from Webspeak like "J slash K."

MSN Encarta - This site is quite new to me but I’m recommending it anyhow since it has an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a thesaurus and this Internet quiz.

You can also try these printed Internet lexicon:

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