Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Write for Mom.Exchange.Ph

Note: This is for writers based in the Philippines.

Mom Exchange, a weblog that caters to mothers from the pregnancy stage to those dealing with school kids, is looking for contributing writers who can blog on the following topics:
Mom Activities, Attachment Parenting, Babywearing, Breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, Positive / Gentle Discipline, Bazaar, Behaviour, Birthday Parties, Celebrity, Charity, Childhood Illnesses, Education, Events, Exercise, Food, Gadgets, Health, Household Tips, In-laws, Infants, Marriage, Mommy Matters, Parenting Matters, Pre-school Children, Pregnancy, Recipes, School Kids, Seminars, Services, Sleep Issues, Supplements, Toddlers, etc.

Each blog post should be about 200-700 words. Writing mothers are preferred, but not required. You will be paid commensurate to the quality of your posts ranging from PHP150.00 to PHP300.00, and all submissions will be the property of Mom Exchange.

Interested? Send application and work samples to ghmercado@gmail.com. Do not send MS Word documents, just paste your article on the body of your email and include some relevant info about yourself.

[via PinoyWriters]


gabriel said...

Hey thanks so much for posting this!

Connie said...

You're very welcome. :-)

gabriel said...

in case people wanna learn more:


thanks again :)

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