Saturday, February 18, 2006

Make Achievable Writing Goals

Many writers make resolutions every year and see those goals roll down the drain. Include me in that list of writers who have repeatedly made that mistake of drawing impractical goals and blaming a variety circumstances for the eventual "bad luck". But there's always a chance to do better, right?

Just how do you make achievable resolutions? Here are some tips from the rabbit's hat:
  1. Determine your capabilities. Make sure you have a good chance of achieving that goal. If you plan to write 20 magazine articles a month, ask yourself if you have the means and the stamina to do so. If you plan to try screenwriting, make sure that you can pitch a good story and deliver the script on time to demanding movie producers.
  2. Keep the list short and simple. Don't make a grocery list of resolutions. You know you can't put everything in your cart on a single trip. Instead, list two to four goals and give enough time for each goal to be accomplished. This should help you focus on each goal each time and avoid the stress of seeing a long list of unchecked to-do's.
  3. Find inspiration. It's always good to know why we're striving for some things. Keep the inspiration in your heart and mind and you will find yourself saying "Bring it on!" to all of life's struggles.

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