Thursday, November 07, 2013

Writing from Life

I am currently on brief professional writing hiatus to give way to writing personal accounts and memoirs. No, I'm not writing a book. Not yet. I have simply gone back to journaling on paper and blogging. After months of writing articles for clients and publications, I felt drained and stumped in different ways. I picked up several books to inspire me but found nothing too interesting -- except maybe for this memoir of Julia Child entitled "My Life In France." While it focuses mainly on cooking and cookbook writing, I find a few parallelisms from her life and mine. And, I suppose that helps me keep writing about my day-to-day activities.

Writing from life helps me arrive at certain realizations, following an assessment of my life core values and principles. It works vice versa, too, and in some instances the realizations and the values arise together. My husband has suggested that I make a timeline and write about the highlights of my life. This technique should also help people who are planning to publish their memoirs. You do not have to worry about your style and grammar; just tell your story. You can always get help from experts. The people behind Write Wisdom can guide you through the process and ensure that you finish your memoir and publish it.

I am also into art journaling these days. Art journals make great writing prompts. If you feel like you're having a writer's block, you can turn into visuals for a while. I make a collage of a particular theme or simply doodle on my sketchbook. Sometimes, it helps to just let your hand and mind wander on paper. Afterward, I study my art journals and write about my reflection on paper. You might want to try this technique, too.

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