Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 Easy Tips to Help You Break Into the Hot Niche of SEO Article Writing

by Angeline Plesek

SEO article writing is one of the hottest niches for freelance writers. There are companies that understand the importance of using good SEO content to drive traffic to their websites and they are always looking for decent SEO article writers. Even in the current economic downturn, you can get SEO writing jobs if you market yourself as an SEO content writer.

Companies that look for SEO article writers look for candidates that have writing samples to show, can meet deadlines, and understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and its use of keywords in SEO articles to help drive web traffic.

Yes, it's true-some SEO writing gigs pay poverty-level wages and this can work for you if your primary motivation is to just build a portfolio of samples. Some of these jobs pay from $3 an article up to around $15 an article. But...if you want to write SEO articles to make a living-there are companies that will pay decent wages for well-written content.

Here are 3 tips to help you land a gig as a successful freelance SEO article writer:

1) Study and understand search engine optimization basics. I recommend reading Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This is a resource guide that was published for webmasters, but it can help copywriters understand the importance of keywords from an overall perspective- from the back-end of a web page, to the front-end SEO content.

2) Market yourself primarily as an SEO article writer. Don't focus on other types of writing. Companies prefer to hire writers that have some basic knowledge of search engine optimization.

3) Write some sample SEO articles for your portfolio. If you don't already have SEO writing samples, they are easy enough to write. Choose three to five topics that interest you and write articles that are anywhere from 300 to 500 words each using relative keywords. Make sure you understand SEO basics and do your keyword research first.

Once you've studied the SEO basics and collect some SEO writing samples, you're ready to get a gig in the hottest freelance writing niche!

Angeline Plesek is an SEO freelance copywriter and the publisher of The Copywriter's Vault, an online information resource for copywriters and Internet marketers. To visit go to: http://www.copywriters-vault.com

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