Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays!I hope you're surrounded by loved ones, wonderful presents, and the warm holiday spirit which still hovers on top of us despite the financial crisis. I've been on slow blogging mode lately, but that's because my family and I have been busy attending parties and big family get-togethers.  By the time I'm home, I'm all pooped and ready for bed.  There's so many photos to transfer to the computer and so much food to consume or give away.  Ah, not to mention the Romanesque belly that I've to deal with after the Season's over.  And, oh, lest I forget -- I've an article to finish before January 5th! 

I'd like to thank you all, dear readers, for being a part of Today's Writer.  I've been publishing this guide blog for years now, experimented with it, nearly gave up on it.  (But I keep resurfacing, so there must be something good behind what I'm doing!) Truly I am very grateful for the repeat visits, subscriptions and email forwards.  The year 2008 has been a great year for Today's Writer in terms of content, web traffic and sponsorship. More stuff are afoot next year!

Wherever you are, whatever stuff you've been busy with, I hope you're having a great time writing!  Happy holidays from Today's Writer!

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